STIHL MasterWrench Service Certified

STIHL MasterWrench Service Certified

Gold-Level Servicing Technician

What is STIHL MasterWrench Service®?

STIHL dealers stand behind the equipment and service what they sell. STIHL MasterWrench Service® is a designation recognizing select STIHL dealers and technicians who have continually exceeded expectations through extensive training and a proven record of accomplishment of customer satisfaction.

STIHL MasterWrench Service® is a voluntary program designed to assist STIHL retailers in promoting their service departments and further developing qualified service technicians.* 

What makes a STIHL MasterWrench Service® technician?

Multi­level service training

The voluntary program involves three stages of training. Each stage of training is designed to incrementally increase the technician’s level of knowledge. The technician must pass an exam based on the content of the training curriculum before advancing to the next level of service training.

Gold: STIHL Gold level training is the third step in the STIHL technical education program that certifies STIHL service technicians. After achieving both Bronze and Silver level qualification status, the sponsoring STIHL dealer and service technician can apply to attend a Gold level STIHL MasterWrench Service® training course conducted at STIHL Inc.’s manufacturing and training facilities located in Virginia Beach, Va. The sponsoring dealership and technician must both qualify in order for the technician to advance to the Gold level training. STIHL MasterWrench Service® certification is granted exclusively to technicians who are able to pass Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Professional service area environment

STIHL certification service areas are conducive to performing maintenance and repairs at the high level of quality that our STIHL MasterWrench Service® technicians have been trained for and have all the recommended STIHL special service tools required in their repair work.

Superior service for STIHL customers

Because of their mastery of the craft, STIHL MasterWrench Service® technicians can provide efficient repairs and maintenance as well as offer expert advice on the proper care and upkeep of equipment.

*STIHL MasterWrench Service® designations offer additional benefits to the dealer and technician. Benefits may vary by region. Contract your STIHL distributor for complete details.

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