Synthetic Engine Oil

Ventrac Premium Full Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-30 is a commercial grade formulation designed for a broad range of operating temperatures. The advanced additives create a balanced package that helps extend equipment life and improve productivity with reduced down-time.

Ventrac Premium Full Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-30

Full synthetic diesel engine oils formulated for a wide range of service including on and off-road, turbocharged, high horsepower and rigorous-duty where high quality and API CJ-4 license capability are important. Designed for use with all modern exhaust emission control systems. Meets the latest API and diesel engine performance specifications. Backwards-compatible for use with older engines. Suitable for use in gasoline engines (API SN) where appropriate.

Product Benefits

  • High levels of zinc and phosphorus additives protect against wear
  • Strong TBN neutralizes acids
  • Low sulfated ash (1% max) meets requirements for diesel particulate filters
  • High shear stability guards against viscosity loss and cylinder bore polishing
  • High dispersancy effectively controls soot thickening
  • High temperature durability resists oil degradation and deposits
  • Excellent cold flow properties improve start-up and efficiency
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic diesel oils


Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Synthetic Hydraulic Oil - SAE 5W-30

Specially formulated to meet the needs of Ventrac's high efficiency hydraulic and hydrostatic-drive systems, Ventrac's "Hydro-Torq XL" full synthetic hydraulic oil provides superior lubrication over an extended duty cycle.

Product Benefits

  • Remains stable at temperature extremes
  • Maintains film strength at high pressures
  • Extremely resistant to oil oxidation & breakdown
  • Excellent cold weather startup protection
  • Superior anti-wear capabilities


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